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News: Mintos rating updates and Envestio partnership!

This just in, great news from Mintos and Envestio!

Firstly Mintos, today Mintos announced updated ratings for 8 loan originators and all have improved scores. For the exact details I suggest you have a look at Mintos’ blog post.

However, in summary:

  •  Agrocredit from B+ to A-
  •  Cashwagon from C+ to B-
  •  Credilikeme from C to C+
  •  Credius from B to B+
  •  Dinero from C+ to B-
  •  ID Finance from B- to B
  •  Metrokredit from C+ to B-
  • Varks from B to B+

 In particular I’m excited to see updated ratings for Varks and Cashwagon!

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