Kuetzal Review

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5 Responses

  1. Rolf says:

    Hi investmentjourney,

    I’m also new to P2P investments and my goals are similar than yours. I also want get to a point to be financial independent. I like the investment idea of Kuetzal. I’m actually already invested in Crowdestor. I found Kuetzal actually through your homepage. It was nice to find a review of Kuetzal. Not so easy to find one, because not many investors are aware of them. Probably because they are quite young. I will sign up with them through your referral link.

    Thanks again for the review
    Take care and good success for your goal.


    • MyInvestmentJourney says:

      Hello Rolf,

      Yes I agree, Kuetzal is definitely one of those lesser known platforms out there for the moment. But the number of investors is steadily increasing and the returns are very attractive.
      I appreciate you using my referral link – make sure to use the promo code INVESTMENTJOURNEY as well when signing up for another 15 euro bonus.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and good luck with your own goals!

      Best regards,

  2. Rolf says:

    Just signed up.

    Best regards

  3. Ovi says:

    You mentioned that all the payments were done on time so far. When are they usually visible in your account? Is it like in the case of envestio when it is coming the next day to the day mentioned in the payments schedule? I made my first investment with kuetzal last month, the first payment should have been yesterday, maybe it will come today, what should I expect?

    Thank you.

    • MyInvestmentJourney says:

      Hello Ovi

      Thanks for leaving a reply. I have noticed a delay of max one day so far, which I think is acceptable.

      Best regards
      Investment Journey

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