About Me

About Me - My Journey

Hello everyone and welcome to my investment journey!

I’m a European guy in my early 30’s currently living the expat life. After careful consideration I’ve decided to stay anonymous for now, however that might change later down the road.

This blog will document my journey with the ultimate goal to reach financial independence. It all started slowly in August 2018.

How my journey started

I’ve never been a big spender and as a consequence my savings have been steadily increasing after working for several years. My current situation as an expat has only cut my expenses and I have been finding myself with access capital.

In the summer of 2018 I found myself in an interesting conversation with a young lady. Her goal was to travel the world and have passive income fund it. Being a passionate traveller myself, I felt a sense of excitement and freedom during this conversation. As a result, I spent the following week researching crowdlending and ended up creating an investor account with Crowdestate.

Up until that point I rarely worried about my finances. I’ve always managed to spend less than I earn and I enjoy my work. In my private life I have encountered situations where people dear to me struggled financially, resulting in unhealthy amounts of stress. The conversation with said young lady was the spark, but during the months that followed I felt a growing resolve. This resulted in me adding capital to my investor account in order to build a passive income stream.

The journey intensifies

My savings account was another trigger for choosing to accelerate my investments. To clarify, it netted a whopping €18.65 worth of interest during 2018. My current situation as an expat has made the decision to accelerate my investments easy. That is to say, I know for a fact I won’t be needing the majority of my savings for the short to medium future. I’m not going to let another year pass by where my savings are just sitting there, instead they’ll be invested in order to generate passive income.

Ever since, I’ve been reading books, blogs and reviews looking for ways to invest in crowdlending platforms. Crowdlending is currently my favorite way of investing. Obviously there’s a risk associated with crowlending, but it does yield fairly high returns and allows for easy diversification.

My Goals

First goal: Passive income of € 1,500 monthly.

Second goal: Passive income of € 5,000 monthly.

Third goal: Passive income of € 15,000 monthly.

The reason for my blog is two-fold. First and foremost, I hope to inspire and let my experiences be of use to everyone out there. I’ve become very passionate about generating passive income in order to become financially independent. I think everyone should consider investing in one way or another.

Secondly, my blog is meant to create a sense of accountability towards my goals. No doubt there will be high and lows on this journey, but I’m confident I will reach financial independence.

On a sidenote, I strongly believe personal growth and financial growth go hand in hand. My blog will primarily focus on financial growth, but it’s not unlikely personal growth will make a small appearance at some point in time. For example, Tony Robbins’ Youtube videos are a great source of inspiration for me.


My blog is not professional, financial advice. I’m merely sharing my personal experiences on my way towards financial independence.

I have no professional ties with any of the platforms I invest in. In other words, all information in this blog is strictly my personal opinion.

Having said that, I’m using referral/affiliate links in the blog. I may earn a small commission in doing so. Registering through an affiliate link typically gives the new investor a small bonus as well. Hell, every single investment I made has been done through an affiliate link. It’s a give and take that helps everyone.