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Mintos Review

Mintos is the second crowdlending platform I personally started investing in. In this review I will share my experiences based on the first 3 months investing with Mintos.

The first half of the review contains key information, including my own opinion of Mintos. The latter half provides a detailed walkthrough of the website and highlights the various options. 

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Portfolio update April 2019


Another month, another portfolio update.

After two months full of change in February and March, April has been somewhat less volatile.

Nevertheless, I’ve added one platform to my portfolio:

TFGCROWD, an Estonian startup company focussing on crowdfunding business projects.

For now I’ve decided just to test the waters.

Total deposits in April amounted to: € 2,500.00

Find more information about my entire portfolio here.

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The Power of Compound Interest


Compound interest, what is it and why is it critical to understand its concept? Compound is one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful investment tool out there and the number one reason to start investing early.

The goal of this blog post is to provide insight into the power of compound interest and why I encourage you to take action and take advantage of its power.

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Portfolio update March 2019


Here we go again, the March portfolio update.

Boy oh boy, March was another month of change.

More deposits and more platforms. Remember how I added four platforms to my portfolio last month?

I added another five in March!

These are the platforms I decided to go with:

Total deposits in March amounted to: 32,100.00

Crazy right, I wasn’t kidding about accelerating investments.

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What is Crowdlending?


What is crowdlending exactly and why has it become increasingly popular in the last decade? This blog post is written to answer these fundamental questions many people have.

Needless to say crowlending, also more commonly referred to as peer-to-peer lending, is currently my preferred method of investing and I’ll explain why.

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Portfolio update February 2019


Welcome to my first blog post, the February portfolio update. A lot has happened in February.

Up until January Crowdestate has been the only platform I invested in, but this has certainly changed. Portfolio diversification has been my goal for February.

My efforts have resulted in opening accounts with four new platforms in February!

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Crowdestate Review

Crowdestate is the first crowdlending platform I personally started investing in.

In this review I will share my experiences from the first 6 months. Key information is in the first half of the review, for those interested a detailed walkthrough of the platform is provided in the latter half of the review.

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