Portfolio update May 2019

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  1. Congrats on a great month! Almost €700 worth of passive income, off of a €72K investment is pretty nice!

    I was just sitting here, contemplating how my numbers would look, if I just invested everything in crowdlending, and then I came across your blog. Our portfolio size are very much alike (I’m also at €72K), but I only currently have about 15% of it invested in crowdlending.

    It will be interesting to compare, how our portfolios develop over time 😉

    Good luck on your journey!

    • MyInvestmentJourney says:

      Hi Nick!

      Thanks, appreciate the comments.

      Looking forward to see what June brings, as I had invested quite a bit in May and that hasn’t generated any returns so far. So €700 is coming from 55k’ish portfolio essentially.

      It will definitely be interesting to see how our portfolio’s develop over time. 🙂
      I do see myself moving into real estate at some point in time as well, but for now just crowdlending.

      Good luck to you as well!

      • Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere, but I’m curious how you decide how much to put into which platform, and how much to put into one single project?

        I’m currently working on a post, where I’m going to outline my strategy in terms of diversification. It seems you’re heavily invested in a handful of platforms, with a lot of your investment in only a few projects (like €3000+ in a single project on Kuetzal).
        I started out a lot like you, and then later realized that I should be prepared to write off any single investment on any given platform, which then led me to conclude that I €100-€200 was my max for a single project. This obviously means that I will have to invest in ALOT of projects on ALOT of platforms, in order to invest the amounts that you’re currently investing.

        What are your thoughts on a platform or a project going bust?…Are you willing to loose €3000+ on a single project, or €10.000+ on a single platform? I’m asking, because I consider the possibility of a project and/or a platform to go bust likely at one point or another…

        How much are you planning to put in crowdlending, before branching out to other assets? 🙂 I’m just curious!


        • MyInvestmentJourney says:

          I must admit I´ve become a bit more lenient when it comes to investment size, perhaps a bit too much!

          Starting out I aimed for €500 per project one platforms like Envestio, Crowdestate, Crowdestor, Kuetzal etc, but as my portfolio size increased I deviated a bit from that. Especially when it comes to the more attractive returns. The main reason for ´only´ €500 was the lack of buyback if things go sideways.

          Considering Kuetzal has a full buyback for their latest projects, I found the risk acceptable for me to increase my investment. Obviously it´s questionable if Kuetzal can honor the buyback when it comes to that.

          Going forward it´s unlikely I´ll be able to / want to invest similar sums (3k+) in a single project as I simply don´t have the cash. Any future investments are based on my savings for the month. I don´t want to touch my emergency fund for obvious reasons.

          The likelyhood of a single project / loan originator going bust is a lot higher than an entire platform.

          For projects: Diversifying between projects is key, platforms to a lesser extent. Most of the risk is with the project and most of times the agreement is between borrower and project sponsor, not the platform. I´m not worried with having 10k+ invested with one platform. Personally I try to keep up with different finance blogs to see others blogger´s experiences and opinions on platforms. Succesful exits of Envestio and Crowdestor projects in the past, for instance.

          For the typical p2p platforms I stick to full buyback only combined with a decent track record and aim to do my due diligence on loan originators and financials of the company. I must admit this is not always easy, but even just finding a profit figure for the year is typically a good indicator. I plan to do a more thorough check once more 2018 financials are available and may change my allocation of funds based on this.

  2. Nice blog!

    And what a great month you got there! Very nice passive income. How much you have to pay taxes for the gains made from p2p-lending ?

    • MyInvestmentJourney says:

      Hi there!

      It totally depends on what country you reside as that’s typically where you are taxed as well.
      Personally I think I will end up paying roughly 15% this year.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your blog!


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